Universal sit me up strap! 

Handy strap for prams and pushchairs to adjust your child’s seat to a more upright position.

Although these straps are universal they will only fit seats that fit the following requirements (please check these before purchasing)

• Check your seat can be moved into a more upright position without any restrictions otherwise the strap may cause damage to your pram.

• Check that the seat frame or pram frame has somewhere that you can attach the strap, the strap loops around and poppers in place so you need a gap that will allow the strap to be passed around. Also make sure that the part you will attach it to is strong enough to take the weight of the seat.

• Make sure that the seat in an upright position is still safe and comfortable for your child.

Disclaimer - we accept no responsibility for any damage caused to your pram from improper use of this strap.

Sit me up strap

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