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Quality Leatherette zip on covers custom made for a smooth fit!



*Please note if you choose options B or C where the bumper bars are split into 3 sections the handle bars will still be in 2 parts with with a diagonal or straight seam to match for prams with 2 handles. If you have a pram with one handle the cover will match your chosen bumper.







Where possible we will use a zip that matches the colour of the Leatherette however in most cases this isn’t possible so we will use a black, white or brown zip depending on which goes best with your chosen colour.












Please be aware colours may appear different in real life than they do on your screen.








Two-Tone Handlebar & Bumper Bar set

  • Please note although we have the standard sizes for the handles and bumper bars that appear in the drop down list, there is sometimes variances between the sizes and this can sometimes make the covers a little tighter or looser. If you wish to measure the bars and send the measurements over to us we can custom make them to fit. If your bars have had the foam replaced please note that the size may have changed considerably so we recommend that you check the sizing with us when ordering.


    For Oyster 1

    Please either send us a photograph of your pram handles after ordering or mesure the length of the top of one of your handles so we can determine which style you have.


    For iCandy Peach 

    Please enter the circumference around your bumper bar if you have the main seat bar (this is the taller straight bar) if you are unsure please send us a message with a photo of the bar and we will do our best to assist.

    You can view our measuring guide here.


    For Stokke Crusi

    Please send us the measurment of the circumference of your handle bars you can view our measuring guide for how to do this here and purchase or download a printable measuring tape here


    Custom made covers


    We are able to make cover from measurements, If you wish to order some custom made covers please ensure you follow our measurement guide exactly and provide accurate measurements. We cannot be held responsible for ill-fitting covers due to incorrect measurements taken by yourself.


    Watch Measuring guide